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New Potenza RF Microneedling treatment uses ultrafine needles and heat to penetrate the top layer of the skin and trigger the body’s natural healing process to regenerate new collagen and elastin.  The elastin and collagen building typically takes place 4-6 weeks after treatment, with optimal results usually seen at 12 weeks after the last treatment
What to expect:
  • Improvement of early signs of aging.
  • Brightening of damaged skin. 
  • Tighter, firmer-looking skin through soft-tissue coagulation. 
  •  Faster healing times than the traditional microneedling (non-RF) treatments.  
  •  Younger, healthier-looking skin. 
  •  Smoother complexion within several days and gradual improvement over the course of several weeks to several months. 
  •  Long-lasting results with a short, in-office procedure.  
  •  Minimal downtime with either procedure (single or multiple needle). 
  •  Quick return to daily routine.  
  •  Potenza stimulating the body’s self-healing by initiating the wound-healing process.
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